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MPN: BR-10
SKU: W-9423

SHORT BED RAILS For the display and storage of Head Boards & Foot Boards.

Short Bed Rails are designed to hold the headboard and footboard closely together for display, transportation, and storage. Once installed they take the place of the bed frame saving a great deal of space. Our hardware works perfectly for displaying antique beds for sale. Just put these hooks on your head and foot boards where the normal side rails hook into. Once installed the hardware enables you to tighten the head and footboard together by rotating the turnbuckle until they fit snug up against these soft wood rails.

  • Two 6" x 9" Wooden Unfinished Poplar Frames
  • Steel Hooks and Aluminum Turnbuckles
  • All the Hardware Needed for One Bed

Sold by the Kit Only (Two wood Frames, Four Hooks and Two Turnbuckles -- will display one bed)
Turnbuckle Set also Sold as - Four Hooks and Two Turnbuckles)

BR-10 (W-9423) (BR-94)

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