8oz Or 32oz (Ounce) - Metal Ager Darkening Solution antique vintage old metal tin steel copper brass patina blackening black bronze dull

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If you are looking for one product to age and antique a wide range of metals look no further. Our Premium Metal Ager is formulated to age Zinc, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Tin, and Steel. Our fast-working ager leaves a lasting antique finish that would take decades to achieve with time alone. It is 2.5x stronger than our regular brass/nickle/tin ager for faster results and the solution will last a lot longer for multiple aging jobs.

  • Your Choice of one 8oz or One 32oz Bottle
  • May be used multiple times
  • Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin, eyes, and mouth
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Contains: Phosphoric Acid, Selenium Dioxide, and Sulfuric Acid
  • Does not work well on lacquered or plated metals
  • Remove lacquer with acetone before aging


Prep Work: Clean your metal parts of dirt and oil. Wear gloves so you do not leave fingerprints on the metal. You can use acetone to get parts completely clean if necessary.You must have metal with no clear coating on it. Acetone or stripper will remove any clear coating that you may have to get the piece down to the raw material. You can also for extra measure: Rub the piece down with #0000 Steel wool, and clean it well with paper towels and acetone making sure you do not touch it with your oily fingers.

Aging: Empty the ager into a glass or plastic container. Submerge the parts to be aged. If you are not able to submerge the parts, you can heavily brush on or spray the pieces, just make sure you have a catch tray to be able to reuse the solution. The aging will take place quickly so watch the process. When you have achieved the patina you are looking for remove and rinse with tap water. You can also have a dish with water to move small pieces into as they finish. Remove parts from the water and dry with a clean towel. Some of the antique finish will come off during the drying process which is OK. If you want a darker finish, repeat the aging process described above. If the piece is darker than desired or you prefer highlights, use a metal polish and soft cloth to achieve the desired finish. Steel wool can be used as well to create highlights on the finished piece. Return the ager to the bottle for future projects. When aging slows the product is nearing the end of its aging ability.

Available in 8oz & 32oz Bottles.

Sold Individually.

***NOTE*** All of our Agers (Metal, Brass, Nickel and Tin ager) solution can not be returned and not refundable.

FK-M-3MA (3maq)

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