Pair (2) 1-3/4" Wide Steam Bent Red Oak Rocker Runners rocking chair seat curved legs feet chair bench rocking bar arm leg foot sway mount

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**These rocker runners are on back order for a few weeks. We will hold your order and ship them out as soon as we get them back in stock. All of the other three sizes we have in stock and can ship out with in a day or two**


Steam bending produces a much stronger rocker runner than those cut from flat stock. Made of unfinished solid red oak. Slightly Sanded, Unfinished and Not

Drilled. You drill it to your exact specifications. These are raw, oak

wood that is not treated. (Make sure you treat and prime these before

painting or use a good sealant, otherwise the humidity and weather could

swell them up and ruin them.)

The radius is measured along the bottom of the runner

following the curve from end to end. The length is measured across the

runner from tip to tip at the longest point. Measurements will vary

slightly from batch to batch.

Overall: 1-1/4" High (Tall) -- by -- 1-3/4" Wide --- by --- 34-1/4" Long

(Length measurement taken straight across from tip to tip.)

36" Radius/Arc Bend -- 3.5" from the ends to the floor rise distance


PLEASE NOTE: Length Measurements of ALL Rocker Runners are approximate as they vary from shipment to shipment.

*A 20% restocking fee will apply on all returned Rocker Runners


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