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MPN: S-5213
SKU: FK-5213
This style of hardware began to appear on high chairs in the 1940's.
Best for use with our grooved high chair trays (SKU: W3-5226) -- Or similar style trays only.
Arm Piece: 5-7/8" Long x 5/8" Wide x 7/8" Deep --- 4-9/16" hole to hole CTC
Tray Piece: 3-5/16" Long x 1" Wide x 15/16" Deep -- 2-7/16" hole to hole CTC

Comes as a set for attaching one high chair tray. Long piece attaches to outside of arm. Short piece attaches to the underside of the tray. Spring loaded clamp allows the position of the tray to be adjusted then locked into place.

Sold as a kit of four Sections. (Two Arm Pieces Left and Right --- & --- Two Tray Pieces Left and Right)

**Does NOT come with screws. We sell them separate, just pick out the sizes you need and add them to your order -- Or you can use any type screws from your local hardware store to mount them to your specified tray thickness)

S-5213 (FK-HC12)

****Disclaimer: Because we have to now a days :) All of our high chair parts are just for show as they are not regulated or tested at all for any kind of safety standards that are current. Even though we get a lot of customers that still use them for every day use, we are not liable if you or your child gets hurt or injured from any of our products that fail safety wise. Please use at your own risk. :)

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