Steel Cedar Chest FLUSH MOUNT LID LOCK WITH BARREL trunk steamer key antique vintage new retro old fancy decorative box case push button

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Product Details
MPN: M-1886
Lock Body (including Mounting Brackets): 1-15/16"high x 2-3/8"wide x 21/32"thick
Barrel: 9/16" Diameter x 13/16" Long ~ Center of Barrel is 1-1/4" from top edge of lock body
Strike Plate/Catch: 1-3/4" Long x 1/2" Wide with 1/2" Projection

Child Safe -- Lock Won't Latch

Set includes 1 Lock, 1 Strike/Catch Plate, 1 Key, and 6 Screws for installation

*** We get a lot of emails and calls after people order the lock. --- The key hole part where you put the key in -- is an actual push button. Try pushing it in and you will feel the spring tension and it will unlock the catch. The key just locks and unlocks it and will spin freely. It will not engage the lock. If you try pushing it and it does not push in, then it is probably locked. Put the key in and turn the key 360° and it should unlock it and then you should be able to push in the button.

M-1886 -- (FK-SS12)

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