8-3/4" Premium Leather Trunk Handle slots or smooth chest steamer antique box vintage old replacement retro case pull black burgundy natural brown chestnut

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MPN: FK-4245-4249


Your choice of four colors. Black, Brown (chestnut) Burgundy or Natural

Your choice of of smooth (uncut) or with slot holes.

Whether you are building a new trunk or restoring an original, our trunk handles are the perfect addition to any project. The trunk handle allows you to use a nail or rivet to attach the handle. The trunk handle will flex when lifting and retract back to normal shape when done.

2-Ply -- Finished Topside and a Finished Backside.

Use the posted measuring chart image to reference these sizes:

A= 1-1/16" --- Total Width

B= 8-3/4" --- Total Length

C= 3-16 to 1/4" --- Total Thickness (varies)

D= 1/2 to 9/16" --- End of the handle to the slot hole (if you choose the handle with slot holes)

E= 1" --- Slot hole length (if you choose the handle with slot holes)

Please Note: As leather is a natural material, the natural-colored items will vary in color from order to order. When you order multiple quantities, we will pull the best matching handles for you to complete your order.

Sold Individually --- Nails, screws, tacks, fasteners all sold separately. Check out our online store for other size handles, with or without slot holes, different sizes and shapes. Also our fancy handle end caps for your handles.

FK- 4245 - 4249

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