CAST IRON CABINET LATCH - 2 Sizes - spring loaded handle turn antique vintage old rustic patina classic window drawer curio desk dresser china

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MPN: FK-088575-590
SKU: FK-088575-590

Hard-to-find, authentic looking, reproduction cabinet latches.

Made of cast iron construction and a spring-loaded catch. These awesome cabinet latches look old but functions like new.

Your choice in two different sizes.

Small Latch:
Total Overall 1-11/16ths long by 1-13/16ths Inches Wide by 1-7/16ths Inches tall (where the turn handle is)
Catch only: 1-13/16ths by 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch tall.
Latch Only: 1-13/16ths by 1-3/8 with the button out, 1-3/16ths for the frame in length

Large Latch:
Total Overall 2-1/4 long by 2-1/4 Inches Wide by 1-5/8 Inches tall (where the turn handle is)
Catch only: 2-1/4 by 11/16 inch by 5/8 inch tall.
Latch Only: 2-1/4 by 1-7/8 with the button out, 1-9/16ths for the frame in length (button/tongue in)

Sold Individually as a complete set. - (Set comes with one catch, one latch and 6 matching screws)

FK-88575 - FK 88590

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